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Mu Zebo

Founder of Zihong biology legal representative of Guizhou xinzihong pharmaceutical excipients Co., Ltd

▲In 1992, he graduated from China Pharmaceutical University with the reputation of "Huangpu in the pharmaceutical world".

▲In 1999, as an independent technology developer, we carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of pharmaceutical enterprises, and successively developed and successfully applied for approval several preparation products such as armillarisin a injection, Yexiazhu granules, and hungqiuqi granules.

▲In 2005, we started our own business with our own technology, products and capital.

▲In 2012, Nanjing Zihong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded and an independent research and development center was established.

▲At the end of 2012, a joint-stock production enterprise was established: Guizhou xinzihong pharmaceutical excipients Co., Ltd. to promote industrial development by entrepreneurship and help the region out of poverty by development.

▲In 2014, Nanjing huijutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to form a trinity development platform of R & D, industry and market.

▲In 2016, Guizhou xinzihong inspection and Testing Co., Ltd. was established, which is a testing institution with CMA qualification recognized by Chinese authorities.

▲In 2020, Guangzhou Zihong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will be established to innovate and expand its operation platform.

◊Mu Zebo, chairman of Zihong biological group

◊We use pharmaceutical standards to produce excipient products, and constantly improve the quality of Chinese pharmaceutical excipients.

◊Committed to China's pharmaceutical excipients industry towards specialization, standardization, standardization and internationalization.

Why focus on pharmaceutical excipients for 30 years?

China's pharmaceutical industry started late and developed slowly. It has always been a chaotic phenomenon. However, the quality of pharmaceutical excipients is directly related to the quality of drugs and life and health. It can be said figuratively that manufacturing finished drugs is like making bread. Without good flour, you can't make good bread. The development of pharmaceutical preparations largely depends on the improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical excipients. It can even be said that "no excipients, no preparations".

My own major is pharmaceutical preparation. After graduating from university in 1992, I have experienced all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and deeply realized that only by controlling R & D and production, can I master the core advantages of technology, control the health and safety of products, and realize the goal of pushing Chinese pharmaceutical auxiliary enterprises to the world through technical barriers. Since its development, Zihong is still a technology R & D-oriented enterprise. We spend more resources on R & D. We just want to do practical things, do meaningful things and serve our country with industry.

——Mu Zebo, founder of Zihong biology


Three core organizations of Zihong Biology

◎R & D platform -- Nanjing Zihong Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Dozens of international top pharmaceutical excipients research and development experts, domestic senior research and development talents, cooperation with China Pharmaceutical University, Jiangsu University and pharmaceutical research and development experts and professors, has dozens of customized pharmaceutical excipients products and high-tech equipment patents.

Nanjing Zihong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing Life Science and Technology Town Industrial Park, which focuses on pharmaceutical research and development, and is adjacent to China Pharmaceutical University. The company sets the world's top drug research and development technology and advanced equipment resources, with the synthesis and application of pharmaceutical excipients (especially macromolecule pharmaceutical excipients) as the main research and development direction, with the spirit of improving research and development, aims to stimulate the industry innovation and research power, and establish the international competitive technical barriers in China's pharmaceutical auxiliary industry.

◎Production base -- Guizhou Xinzihong Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Co., Ltd

It is a national research and development and production base of pharmaceutical excipients, a high-tech enterprise in Guizhou Province, a key enterprise in the development planning of new medicine industry in Guizhou Province, and a small science and technology giant seed enterprise in Guizhou Province.

Guizhou Xinzihong Medicinal Accessory Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, located in Danzhai County, southeast Guizhou Province, which is a natural and ecologically beautiful city. The first phase invested 120 million yuan, covering an area of 39,700 square meters; The factory is designed according to GMP requirements, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is the only professional pharmaceutical excipients production enterprise integrating research, production and marketing in Guizhou and even in Southwest China. It is also one of the leading enterprises to help regional employment and poverty alleviation and support the optimization and upgrading of local industries. It owns more than ten kinds of medical auxiliary materials, such as carbom, ethanol, sucrose, sodium bicarbonate, sugar fine granules, etc., and is a new medical auxiliary materials enterprise that produces a number of standardized products. At present, the annual capacity of the key product carbom is 1200 tons. The company's pharmaceutical grade carbomer has been used by a number of well-known pharmaceutical companies in commercial topical creams, gels, oral sustained-release preparations, ophthalmic gels. At the same time, with the gene and quality of medicine, with non-toxic and harmless daily chemical carbom into the beauty makeup industry. It has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with hundreds of pharmaceutical and daily chemical enterprises, and is committed to providing customers with efficient and high-quality customized pharmaceutical accessories and daily chemical accessories production services, becoming a leading brand in quality and professional customization.

◎Operation Center -- Guangzhou Zihong Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Focus on research and development application and product customization cooperation services, develop and implement the integration of research and production customization service programs.

Guangzhou Zihong biotechnology co., LTD is a Zihong biological operation service center, focusing on the exploration and development and application of product customization cooperation service communication, according to the market and customer demand, relying on Zihong biological research and development, production, testing team and with the international standard flat strength of technology patents, research the integration of production for customers customized service solutions. With thousands of years of business capital, first-tier city Guangzhou as the platform, to build Zihong Bio-marketing highland, so that "non-toxic, harmless; "Safety, conscience" Zihong products spread more quickly and better in China, to the world, protect life and health, and serve the public.

Three core organizations of Zihong Biology

Company advantages

Help Chinese pharmaceutical auxiliary brands to go global
  • Hi-tech

    has the world's leading carbomer  research and development and production technology, China's new pharmaceutical key enterprises.

  • Rich experience
    Rich experience

    For many years, we have been focusing on the research and development and customized production of pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical daily chemical raw materials.

  • Company strength
    Company strength

    Three core organizations, set research and development, production and service as one of the international pharmaceutical excipients and daily chemical raw materials comprehensive service providers.

  • Strict management
    Strict management

    Based on the "everything for life and health" purpose, continuous research and development innovation.

  • Industry qualification
    Industry qualification

    Various certificates of honor, industry licenses, quality certification qualification system.

  • Safe and reliable
    Safe and reliable

    Always with non-toxic, harmless; The products of safety and conscience go to the market and serve human beings.

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