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What is the function of sodium carboxymethyl starch

Date of issue:2021/05/12Posted by: ZIHONG BIOTECH

Sodium carboxymethyl starch can increase the number of cells; Selectively promote T cells to promote T cell maturation and differentiation; Promote the transformation of lymph mother cells and increase the number of lymph cells; Increase the concentration of IgA and IgG in plasma, so as to improve the body resistance, reduce the attack frequency and course of recurrent upper respiratory disease, and reduce the harm of respiratory disease to children's health and growth. At the same time, it can also reduce the content of IgM and basophil in plasma, and reduce the sensitization reaction related to respiratory disease caused by the combination of receptor and IgE on basophil surface. Therefore, it can also reduce the incidence of bronchial diseases induced by recurrent upper respiratory diseases in children. So carboxymethyl starch sodium solution as a stimulant, can stimulate the vitality of cells, improve antibody levels, increase resistance.

What is the function of sodium carboxymethyl starch

Sodium carboxymethyl starch is a derivative of starch, the dosage of which is generally 2-8%. It has very good compressibility and fluidity, and is convenient for filling whole powder or capsule powder. Carboxymethyl starch sodium has good disintegration property and can absorb water and expand rapidly. The tablets can absorb water and disintegrate rapidly by adding this product, which greatly shortens the disintegration time. It is especially suitable for preparing water-insoluble drugs. Carboxymethyl starch sodium is mainly used as disintegrating agent of tablet, capsule, granule, pill and suspending agent of liquid preparation. It can be added internally, externally or internally. Carboxymethyl starch sodium has moderate viscosity and can be pulped in cold water, which can not only improve the hardness of tablets, but also not affect the disintegration, and improve the dissolution and bioavailability of drugs. Carboxymethyl starch sodium also has good water swelling and compressibility, which can improve the formability of tablets and increase the hardness of tablets without affecting their disintegration.

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