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Sucrose (fine granules)

Date of issue:2021/06/17Posted by: ZIHONG BIOTECH

Based on this, we have created two kinds of sucrose products: pure sucrose (fine granules) and sugar granules with 99.5% sucrose and 0.5% glucose syrup.

Our this kind of product in domestic is innovative products - from production equipment to process, formed a complete set of sucrose granulating technology, the finished product of sucrose (fine particle) and sugar fine particles can be directly applied to the direct pressure process, dry granulator, effervescent tablets preparation process, heat-sensitive materials preparation process, and so on, greatly expand the sucrose the depth of the application in the field of solid preparation.

Our sucrose fine granule products, functionally as a filler for solid preparations, it is similar to lactose in fluidity and compressibility, the convenience degree in preparation production is the same as lactose, at the same time, it also costs less than lactose and is safer.

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